Jagoda Szmytka is a Polish/German artist, composer and curator based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. She works interdisciplinary in the fields of fine art, music and theatre, creating installations, performances (“box of presence”, “box of happiness”), writing and directing operas, musicals, theatre plays (“for hands and voices”, “LIMBO LANDER”, “LOST”, “DIY or DIE”, “JUSTICE”), composing electronic and instrumental music (portrait album “BLOODY CHERRIES”).

Jagoda Szmytka creates “human art” meeting human “ups” and “downs”, “tailor-made”, ”user-friendly” - art for everybody - reaching out, accessible and inclusive. To achieve inclusion and to communicate through art with brighter audiences Szmytka uses various channels and media and applies into her work wide spectrum of aesthetic, styles and genres, so that everyone may find something “suitable”. Additionally, she develops and applies “uncanny valley” technique - she uses well-known and well-liked by the audience forms and genres, like selfie booths, TV shows, TV series, games, or just daily life situations. At the end - art belongs to life and fulfills the norms of contemporary humanism.

Szmytka is a founder and an artistic director of cultural platform “PLAY” and a singer-songwriter of art-pop ensemble “ENTER”, both formed in 2015. In 2018 she has been elected as chairman of the “VERY” association. As artist and as composer she was frequently supported by the German Academy of Arts (Akademie der Künste) and German Music Council (Deutscher Musikrat). She was artist-in-residency at Villa Serpentara (ADK) in 2017 and over many years artist-in-residency at ZKM (Zentrum für Kunst und Medien). In 2016 she was awarded the German Music Authors’ Prize (GEMA).


Andoz Krishnadas is a multi-award winning architect and photographer based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.  He is also a second degree Kyokushin black belt and an aircraft pilot with LAPL. He along with his mentor is currently involved in building a city (extension and conversion of the American barracks in Mannheim) while running his studio - Arkandoz photography.

STEFFEN AHRENS - Finance director

Steffen Ahrens studied guitar in Hannover and Frankfurt with Prof. Hans-Michael Koch and Prof. Christopher Brandt. Further studies with Prof. Olaf Van Gonnissen in Darmstadt. He received a scholarship by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. Besides the traditional guitar repertoire, his focus lays on contemporary music. He played as a soloist, with orchestra and ensemble, pieces by e.g. Lachenmann, Webern, Furrer, Donatoni, Neuwirth, Cage, Crumb, Strawinsky, Romitelli a.o.

As a guest he played with the State Symphony Orchestra Lithuania, Nationalorchestra Mannheim, State Symphony Orchestra Oldenburg, chamber ensemble of the Symphony Orchestra Wiesbaden, Badische Philharmonie, Ensemble Modern, ostravská banda (czech republic), oh-ton ensemble, e-mex ensemble, ensemble garage, mam.manufaktur für aktuelle musik, Mutare Ensemble.

Radio and TV broadcasts such as Deutschlandfunk Kultur, SWR and Radio Bremen. Since 2011 he is member of the oh-ton ensemble. He co-founded also the duo "leise dröhnung" (with Niklas Seidl on cello) which is about to play various concerts with traditional repertoire and premieres by young composers. As electric guitar player he played in various bands e.g. Veras Kabinett, Youdid, Maxi Menot and the Cover Band Big in Japan.
He graduated from the course of studies "Pop Music" in Hamburg 2005 and received lessons from  Prof. Peter Weihe, Prof. Michael Sagmeister, T.B. Mönkemeyer, Thorsten Plath, Viktor Smolski und Markus Deml. He played the musical "Les Misérables" several times at the Theater des Westens (Berlin) and at the Theatre Pforzheim.

As a soloist his goal is to present programs which are more than just Spanish guitar music. Either through integration of 20th/21th century pieces or through integration of the electric guitar as solo instrument in contemporary music.


Shridhar Shenoy has indulged in the realm of sculptural aesthetics since he was 12 years old. He enjoys working with mediums such as clay, wood, papier mache, Styrofoam and glass. Essentially an architect by profession, he is greatly inspired by the conjunction between art, sculpture and architecture.

In his early career at Thirdspace Architecture Studio (2012-14), he worked on the planning and execution of a building project with a computer generated parametric metal skin. This led to an intense investigation of the field of critical aesthetic practice under Prof. Johan Bettum.  

He has worked with the architect and scenographer Boris Banozic in bringing forth design installations for clients like The Jewish Museum, Volkswagen and 3Sat. After graduating from the Städelschule Architecture Class, he collaborated on various at the Studio Tobias Rehberger in the field of sculpture, graphic design and interior art installations.

Presently, he is undergoing training in mainstream classical architecture methodologies and conventional building processes at Klein und Architekten GmbH.

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